1. What is Cookham Cocktail Club? 

Cookham Cocktail Club is a locally owned and operated business designed to provide cocktail lovers with distinctive drinks and enticing experiences. Providing bespoke cocktail tastings for you and your guests in the comfort of your own home, the primary goal of our mixologists is to get your night off to a great start. We create and serve your pre-dinner refreshments, so you don’t have to, freeing you up to be the host with the most. We come in, set up, work our magic, pack down and leave. No stress, no fuss. We can be as involved or as discreet as you like. Every experience is entirely customisable and built to meet your personal tastes – and the tastes of your guests – rather than a cooker-cutter, by-the-numbers approach which, let’s be frank, is lazy and lacks creativity.


Our community is also of huge importance to us which is why all of our drinks are locally themed and, where possible, locally sourced. We also work with local suppliers and are happy to involve them in our events if there’s a need to add even more sparkle.


  1. How long can I book you for?

We believe a two-hour session is optimal, usually to kick off a special night in style with friends, family or colleagues. We can extend to three hours if your guests are especially chatty, have a real passion for cocktails or like to get involved in the process of making cocktails. We will always work with you to come up with the right experience for the right amount of time depending on how many guests you have and what they might like.


  1. How many people can I book for?

6-12 guests (including yourself) is ideal, to ensure that you all get the best possible experience.


  1. How much would it cost me to book your services?

Prices are provided on request given the customisable nature of our service. Prices are based on a combination of factors such as number of guests, length of time and any special requests you may have. For more information please email hello@cookhamcocktailclub.com.


  1. Where does the gin’s name come from?

Cookham Cocktail Club Gin No.5 is aptly named as it was the fifth gin that we tried during the research and development process. Despite trying many other combinations of botanicals after No.5, this was the one that hit the right note for us and the many people we roped in to help (not reluctantly as you can imagine). We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.


  1. What does this gin taste like?

With bold juniper leading the way this carefully crafted super smooth gin has been specially blended with plenty of citrus and a kick of spice. Throw in some fresh yuzu-peel, black pepper, pink peppercorns and the warming notes of cinnamon and aromatic cardamom, and you can’t go wrong.


  1. What would you recommend serving Cookham Cocktail Club Gin No.5 with? 

Our recommendation is that it is served on ice with a slice of orange and a stick of cinnamon. But for the faint of heart, it tastes jolly good mixed with Indian tonic with ice and that all important slice, and of course as the key component to your favourite gin-based cocktail


  1. How is gin made? 

Gin is made by distilling a neutral grain alcohol with juniper berries and other botanicals to make the delightful spirit we all know and love.


  1. Is this a London dry gin?

Yes. Cookham Cocktail Club gin No. 5 is a London dry gin.


  1. What is the alcohol percentage of Cookham Cocktail Club gin?

Cookham Cocktail Club gin has an ABV of 42% which is the level that really marks a premium gin from the rest of the pack, thanks to the quality in botanical flavour it provides. Gin is fantastic but it is called Mother’s Ruin for a reason. We recommend that you drink responsibly.


  1. Is gin gluten free or vegan?

Happily, we can answer yes to both of these questions.


  1. How many calories in a gin and tonic?

A single gin and slimline tonic has around 115 calories. That’s fewer than four rice cakes, surely making it a no-brainer.


  1. Isn’t there enough gin out there already?

Gin love has exploded for a reason and there’s always room for a quality product such as our No.5. If you are that worried about the range of gins out there, maybe buy our rum that’s coming next year.


  1. Why is your gin so expensive compared to other gins? 

The price of our gin is consistent with other premium drinks in the category. And because it’s better. Seriously.


15. Do you distill your own gin?

While we would love to have our own still, unfortunately there isn’t enough space in the shed. So we have been working hand-in-hand with Jacob and his awesome team at Henley Gin Distillery to distill our gin.


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