Cocktail Tasting

Understanding that people have different tastes when it comes to drinks, we have created a bespoke menu of experiences that will tantalise your tastebuds, inspire you to think differently about cocktails and leave you and your guests wanting more. Our mixologists work hand-in-hand with you in your home to craft a unique evening that will make you question why you ever went to the pub in the first place. Once you engage our services, we will then come up with a customised proposal. Below are a few of our most asked-for collections.

The cocktail flight

Drinking is only fun if you actually like the way your alcohol tastes and, contrary to popular belief, shots don’t have to taste like rocket fuel. Why not experience cocktails in miniature form by joining us on a journey that will change forever your perceptions of how shooters should be enjoyed.


Fizz Fanatic

For lovers of bubbles, this opulent option blends your favourite sparkles with mouth-watering mixers, taking you to another drink dimension (how many other examples of alluring alliteration can we fit in one sentence?)


Winter winners

When it’s cold outside you will want nothing more than to be warmed inside and what better way to do this than to curate a special selection of drinks that are sure to keep the chill away.


But these are just suggestions, the beauty of what we do is that we can tailor your experience to meet your brief. The possibilities are endless.


We recommend a two-hour slot for up to 12 people to provide the best possible start to your gathering. We can of course cater for longer periods, but if you want a full evening booking, we would rather give you the number of the local bartender. Whilst we love a good party, our goal here is to create a more intimate experience for you and your guests, allowing you to continue with your evening in high spirits.

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